Administrative and Regulatory

Administrative and Regulatory

Regulatory Law is a specialized area of the legal field that deals with government regulation of sectors and economic activities. In the contemporary world, where companies and organizations are subject to a wide range of laws and regulations, it is crucial to rely on qualified professionals to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Our lawyers have deep knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable to the Private Security sector, having been involved in the drafting of regulations issued by the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police Department. They stay constantly updated on legislative and regulatory changes in the segment, allowing them to provide accurate and personalized legal advice. Our goal is to assist our clients in understanding and complying with all regulatory requirements, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance in their operations.

We also have a strong presence in the area of Banking Regulation, providing consultancy on foreign exchange regulations regarding obligations required by the Central Bank of Brazil, such as: registration of foreign capital, external loan registration, preparation of economic-financial statements, foreign capital census in Brazil, and declaration of Brazilian capital abroad.

In addition to expertise in Regulatory Law, we are also specialized in Administrative Law, with extensive experience in defending interests and seeking favorable solutions for our clients. We are equipped to provide strategic legal advice in various administrative processes and in other situations that require a deep understanding of Brazilian Administrative Law.

Our multidisciplinary team combines legal expertise, sectoral knowledge, and a comprehensive understanding of regulatory aspects to provide high-quality services and meet the individual needs of each client. Whether it’s compliance issues, licensing, litigation, or any other regulatory challenge or interaction with the Public Administration, we are prepared to help companies achieve their goals.